What to Wear

What Should You Wear?

Many of our honored guests choose to wear semi-formal or formal attire if they have access to it. Gowns or dresses for the ladies and suits, tuxes, or shirt/vest/tie for gentlemen are most common. Through the generosity of individuals and local businesses, we are glad to offer some assistance with tuxedo rentals and dresses. See below for details.

Parker Hill Dress Closet

Parker Hill Church has a collection of gowns and dresses available in our Dress Closet for Night to Shine guests. Sizes, styles, and colors vary. Stop by the Parker Hill Church office in Dickson City anytime Monday–Thursday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, to view the dresses we have available. We recommend calling our offices at 570-341-8383 in advance so we can ensure someone is available to meet you when you arrive. The Dress Closet will be available through Thursday, February 6.